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What is Freevive?

 It’s important to understand what Freevive is not.

  • Freevive is not a juice or soup cleanse.

  • Freevive is not a monthly supply of shakes and/or supplements.

  • Freevive is not a method to count calories.

  • Freevive is not a quick fix.

If you are looking for any of the above, Freevive might not be for you.

FREEVIVE IS an incredible education on freeing yourself from sugar and processed foods while reviving yourself and your mind with yoga. You will learn all about eating real, whole, unprocessed food while also learning how to calm and relax your mind and body with Yoga.

FREEVIVE IS backed by an amazing community of people just like you who want to enhance their lives while feeling and looking great.

FREEVIVE IS a meaningful program that you will take with you for a lifetime.

Like the hundreds of Freevivers who have come before you, during the course of your Freevive year…

  • You will feel more energized.

  • You will have a more relaxed mind.

  • You will have clearer skin.

  • You will fit better in your clothes

  • You may even shed those extra pounds you’ve been trying to lose.

  • You will find a new, empowered you!

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5 Day Freevive

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In just ten days, learn to say no!

No Sugar, No Artificial Sweeteners, No Processed Food, No Packaged Foods, No Grains, No Vegetable Oils, No GMOs, No Fast Food, No Chewing Gum, No Alcohol…

Sound hard?

Don’t worry, we have your back!  We’re here to guide you through your journey to a new you! Begin your 10-Day Freevive right now and see results by next week!

The Founders

Angela and Laury


Fitness and overall well-being has been a focus for Angela for decades. She discovered yoga in 1998 when, due to an injury, she had to take a break from running. What she failed to realize at that moment was that yoga was going to change her life. While the physical component of yoga was what drew her in, as she practiced more and more, the spiritual component became increasingly important. Feeling more centered and grounded, she began to practice daily. Yoga replaced running and lifting weights, and, despite conventional thinking (and in fact her own thinking at the time), Angela continued to get stronger and stronger. What started out as a necessary diver- sion from running became a passion. The next step in this amazing journey was opening Sol Yoga Studio, which came to life in September 2011.

Angela believes that eating clean and taking care of your body is the best thing you can do for yourself. We only get one body in this lifetime. The cleaner the fuel is that you put into it, the better the engine will run. Knowing and believing in this, she looks forward to the Freevive journey in helping change lives for the better. The time is now!


Laury has been passionate about fitness and nutrition for as long as she can remember. Her research and interest surrounding different nutrition philosophies started as a very young teenager, fascinated with how food fuels the body, and all the different theories surrounding human nutrition, fitness and health. Working as a personal trainer, certified nutritionist and a health blogger at The Fitness Dish, Laury has educated people that fitness truly is 80% nutrition! Even with a busy schedule, there is always time to make meal planning a priority. She has a no one size fits all approach to nutrition & fitness. Laury is not a fan of fad diets or cookie cutter formulas, and has a strong belief in eating the foods that are most healthy & nutritious for your body, keeping them as close to their natural state as possible. Every single person will not respond to the same exact diet the same way, or even throughout every point in their life. She is always learning and truly believes that the expert is one that continues to seek knowledge and growth. Her goal is to make each client an expert in their own nutrition, learning everything that they can about their own body through education, mindfulness, patience, and intuition.

Laury has been practicing yoga on and off for years and has helped clients discover that changing their lifestyle takes more than just what goes on the end of their fork. It is about compassion with yourself, and when you practice and acquire stillness of the mind along with the intense physical practice on your mat, it will show you that anything is possible off of your mat. Anyone can go on a detox or a diet, but change truly occurs with a total transformation of the mind, body and soul! The mindfulness, presence, and physical change is what we hope to accomplish as we educate each client that joins Freevive. In all the years Laury spent learning and teaching fitness and nutrition, nothing has come together or made more sense than the marriage of clean eating and yoga.